Saturday, July 21, 2012

Glims of Future


Last month Corning , one of the leading manufacturer of glass and ceramics released glims of future named A Day Made of Glass , which has already gained                                                                                          
popularity among people & similar computing firms with its arrival.
Its a premise which states that soon we are going to
meet ubiquitous touchscreen world which would be operated by Smart Windows . Now before try to co-relate these windows with microsoft 's products 
then please hang on a minute. Its a combination of imprecise concepts.

Smart Glass came into existence as a research which could save power, to be precise electricity as its consumption is increasing continuously with the evolution of electronic age. According to Department of Energy(DOE , United States) says that the energy supplies will be unable to meet the demands for next two decades.  Smart Glass has the capability of controlling the light , when comes into action it changes from transparent to translucent partially blocking light while maintaining clear view through the glass and subsequently that energy could be utilized in different ways. But the technology has derived a different perception naming Smart Windows making use of Smart Glass , a living gadget which is something a lot more than a ipad. 

You could just imagine everything working over your touch. Certainly , a world made of glass would help in easy information access but to achieve such goals , still a lot more is to be done because for developing countries its like a blurred picture from where they are standing , since Information SuperHighway  is biggest task to be achieved for them before they could adapt technologies like Smart Windows because for such kind of rapid technologies you need flow of information at light's speed which is not possible without Information SuperHighway as it forms the backbone for faster data transferring.

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